the photographer

photoThere are many events that make up a lifetime:  the birthday, the graduation, the proposal of marriage, the engagement, the wedding day, the birth of a child. And every event has its special moments and elements: the first kiss, the first cry, the first steps, the vows, the gown, the cake, the shoes, the rings…the photographer.

Every moment, every event, every detail is unique, and the photographer is tantamount to capturing it all.

I believe the details are the story of your life.

Life happens in the details. Life happens in moments. I love candid, clean, and dramatic photography that captures personality, emotion, and those moments that make up your lifetime.

I’m a flexible and enthusiastic photographer, willing to work with you to create images that tell the story of your little ones, family, or special events.

I’ve spent my whole life telling stories – with words, photographs, music, and art.

My mother bought me my first 35mm film camera in 1990, when, as a sophomore in high school I became the school newspaper’s photographer. I spent that spring traveling county to county on bumpy back roads, school bus to school bus, in Wisconsin, as our high school basketball team ascended to the State Championship. I spent that summer learning the art of photography and darkroom techniques at camp on the campus of UW-Green Bay.

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In college, I studied the fine arts and majored in English, while interning at the local weekly newspaper as a journalist, all the while learning to craft stories with images and words.

I’ve worked nonstop in the field ever since-writing stories and snapping photos to engage my audience. I’ve covered speeches, weddings, parties, opening extravaganzas, groundbreakings, and political events.

I’ve spent years dedicating this storytelling passion to my portrait and event photography through melissa winn photography.

I love to chronicle the first weeks of a newborn baby, the year to year growth in a family’s portrait, and, most of all, special events – the engagement, the birthdays, the graduations, the bar/bat mitzvahs, the anniversaries, and, of course, the wedding day.

There is no story I don’t love to craft. I would love to tell your story, too.

I also enjoy writing, reading, singing, playing guitar, and generally being a creative soul.

I’m the mother of two sons, ages 13 and 10, and a daughter age 8. They are precocious, curious, bright, caring, and inventive little personalities. They are my favorite people in the world.


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